Writing Guidelines

Writing Guide

Here are some writing guidelines and considerations recommended for the theme.


Please do not add # Heading at the beginning of the Markdown article.

Only include your title in the title: attribute of the front-matter section in the Markdown file.

title: 主题样式 Demo
date: 2022-10-02 19:07:05
    - "Demo"
    - "Hexo"
    - "Hexo Theme"
    - "Hexo Theme Redefine"
thumbnail: https://evan.beee.top/img/redefine-1-final.webp
sticky: 999

Otherwise, it will result in the following situation:

Screenshot 2023-02-19 at 9.27.01 AM

Image Files

Please do not place your images in the theme's source folder as they will be overwritten when updating the theme.

Instead, place your images in the source/images folder (or source/img folder with a custom folder name) within your Hexo blog's root directory.

When referencing images in your article, use relative paths.

比如你放在 `source/images` 文件夹中的 `test.png` 图片,你可以这样引用
或者放在 `source/img` 文件夹中的 `test.png` 图片,你可以这样引用

Typora Theme for Corresponding Theme

If you are using the Typora editor, I have created a Typora theme based on the Redefine article style.

You can download and use it from here (opens in a new tab).