Migration from v1

Migration from v1

If you are using version v1.x.x of the Redefine theme, it is recommended to upgrade to version v2.x.x as soon as possible.

The v1 version is no longer maintained, and the v2 version has undergone code refactoring and is no longer compatible with the configuration files of v1 version.

Therefore, you need to follow the steps below to migrate the v1 version configuration files to v2 version.

If you still need to read the documentation for the v1 version, you can visit the v1 version documentation (opens in a new tab).

Migration Steps

Update the theme

Execute the following command to update the theme:

npm install hexo-theme-redefine@latest

Backup v1 configuration file

After updating the theme, rename your original v1 version configuration file _config.redefine.yml to _config.redefine.v1.yml.

Create v2 configuration file

In the root directory of your site, create a _config.redefine.yml file, and then copy the configuration file from here (opens in a new tab) into it.

Migrate configuration options

In the v2 version configuration file, the configuration options have been refactored, so please refer to the v1 version configuration file and migrate the configuration options accordingly.

If the migration is difficult, feel free to re-read the v2 version documentation and reconfigure the configuration options.

Delete v1 configuration file (optional)

After completing the migration and testing the site without any issues, delete the _config.redefine.v1.yml file in the root directory of your site.

I apologize for any inconvenience caused by the migration. If you have any questions, please feel free to raise an issue on GitHub (opens in a new tab) or contact me via email at contact@ohevan.com.