Getting Started

Quick Start

Get started with the Redefine theme.

Hexo version needs to be greater than 5.0.0


Install the theme

Execute the following command in the Hexo root directory to install the theme. There are two ways to do it:

npm install hexo-theme-redefine@latest

Enable the theme

In the _config.yml file located in the Hexo root directory, modify the value of the theme field to redefine.

theme: redefine

Create a theme configuration file

Create a file named _config.redefine.yml in the Hexo root directory.

Copy all the content from here (opens in a new tab) into the file.

This file will automatically override the theme's configuration options. The purpose of creating this file is to ensure that your configuration is not lost when you update the theme.


Now you can start Hexo and see the results.

Next, please read the configuration notes first and continue configuring the theme.

Configuration Notes

1. Reading the documentation

In the following configurations, xxx.yyy represents the configuration item yyy under xxx in the _config.redefine.yml file.

For example, info.title refers to the title configuration item under info.

    title: Redefine

2. YAML Syntax

The configuration file _config.redefine.yml uses YAML syntax. If you are not familiar with YAML syntax, please read about it here (opens in a new tab) first.

YAML syntax is based on indentation to denote levels, so please pay attention to indentation.

Please maintain the original indentation and avoid adding extra spaces before configuration items.

3. Configure the theme

All modifications should be made in the _config.redefine.yml file. It is not recommended to directly modify the theme files because your changes will be overwritten when the theme is updated.


Update the theme

Execute the same command as installation in the Hexo root directory to update the theme:

npm install hexo-theme-redefine@latest

Migrate Configuration

Sometimes, after updating the theme, your configuration file may have new configuration items, or some configuration items may have been deleted, or the names of configuration items may have changed. In such cases, you need to synchronize these configurations with your configuration file.

You can use the File Compare feature of editors like VS Code to compare the old and new configuration files, and then add the new configuration items to your configuration file.

For example, here are the instructions for comparing files in VS Code for two different installation methods:

In VS Code, hold down the Ctrl (Windows) or Command (macOS) key,

select the old configuration file (_config.redefine.yml),

then select the new configuration file (node_modules/hexo-theme-redefine/_config.yml).

Click the Compare Selected button to see the comparison result of the two files, and then proceed with the migration. Please strictly follow the indentation of the old configuration file during the migration.