CDN Acceleration

CDN Acceleration

Content Delivery Network (CDN) is a distributed system that stores content on servers closest to the users, thereby improving the speed and performance of accessing websites. CDN forwards user requests to the nearest server instead of the website's origin server. This reduces the load on the origin server and improves the speed of accessing the website for users.

This theme supports CDN acceleration, and you can enable CDN acceleration in the theme settings. If your site is already fast, it is not recommended to enable CDN acceleration.

The supported services are: aliyun, jsdelivr, unpkg.


Open the theme configuration file _config.redefine.yml and find the cdn configuration item. Set enable to true and set provider to the CDN service provider you want to use.

  # Whether to enable CDN
  enable: false
  # CDN Provider
  provider: unpkg # elemecdn, jsdelivr, unpkg, aliyun, custom

Custom Provider

If you want to use a custom CDN service provider, you can set provider to custom and set custom_url to your CDN address.

The format of custom_url is:${version}/source/${path}, where ${version} will be replaced with the theme version number, and ${path} will be replaced with the path to the theme resources.

Please note that ${path} should be specified within the source directory of the theme files, otherwise it will not be replaced correctly.

Special Note

aliyun is my self-funded Alibaba Cloud OSS, which costs me about 20 yuan per month. If you use this source and have the ability, please consider donating (opens in a new tab) some funds. Alibaba Cloud OSS is quite expensive, and even a small donation can help sustain it for longer. Thank you!