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Resource compression

After installing the hexo-all-minifier (opens in a new tab) plugin, it can effectively speed up page access Speed,
optimize SEO and access experience.

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- 4.17mb
loading time 2s

Mermaid JS

After installing the hexo-filter-mermaid-diagrams plugin, it can perfectly support Mermaid JS flowchart display.

With built-in SEO optimization,
sit back and relax.

Redefine theme has undergone many SEO optimizations to make your website indexed by search engines faster. No cumbersome configuration is required.

Specially designed Markdown article content style,
makes reading easy and clear.


Various writing modules,
make your articles simple,
rich and clear.

And More

SEO / RSS Feed / Aplayer Player / PJAX / Article Header Image / Font Awesome 6.2.1 Pro...
More features to be explored.

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Master the magic of article recommendation.

After installing nodejieba, recommended articles will appear at the bottom of the article, and recommendations will be automatically made based on the keywords of each article. Migrated from hexo-theme-volantis.